What Happens in a Reading?

trees and horses

Horse Trail – Lake Louise, Canada

If you’re thinking about getting a tarot/psychic/medium/pet reading and have never had one, you might be curious as to what happens at a reading.  Here’s what would happen at a typical reading.

  • Introduction – We’d introduce ourselves if we hadn’t met before.  I usually ask if you’ve ever had a tarot or psychic reading, and what you thought of the experience.
  • Question and Format for Today –  I’ll ask you if you have a question in mind and what format you want.  Do you like to work with Tarot cards, or do you prefer going straight to Spirit?  Both methods are enjoyable and helpful.  If you want to talk to someone who has passed, I’ll usually ask for either the first name of the person, or the relationship (grandmother, etc.) so I have a way to contact them.  You are free to tell me as much or as little as you like.  However, if you want to know something specific, it’s good to go ahead and ask Spirit!
  • Timing/Length – I’ll also ask you how long you want the reading to be, and I’ll set my red kitchen timer.  If you want more information after the time runs out, we can add more time on at the end and I’ll reset the timer.  The timer is how I base my charges for the session and to make sure you get all your time (except for email/parties).  If your questions are all answered before the timer runs out, I only charge for the time we used.
  • Setting the Intention/Opening Your Session – I’ll ask you to take a few deep breaths to relax.  This way I can see your Guides “pop up” when I have my eyes closed.  Then I’ll say a short prayer to invite your Guides (and Loved Ones if a Medium reading) to come forward and to bless our session.
  • Session!  – I’ll start the timer, and you’ll either start drawing cards (for a tarot/angel card/oracle reading) or we’ll start asking your Guides or your Loved Ones for the information.  You are free to ask any questions or ask for more details at any time during the session. I will channel the information that’s right for you today from your Guides or Loved Ones or Pets.
  • Closing and Blessing – I’ll thank your Guides or Loved ones for attending the session.
  • Payment – Using the timer, I’ll figure the charges for the session.  Payment can be made by cash, check, PayPal or Square.

That’s it!  Feel free to email, text, or call if you want more information and to set up a session. I’m happy to help.

Hugs, Love and Light ~Christine

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