Tarot Tips and Tricks – Weds Night Class – March 11th or 25th

Drop by my table for a reading at the Wholistic Festival in San Antonio!

Reading the Tarot in my backyard in Central Austin!

Tips and Tricks of the Tarot

You deserve to have fun and feel confident when you read the tarot for yourself, your family, and your friends.  Tips and Tricks of the Tarot will inspire you to brush off your cards and come to a new level of enjoyment and confidence when you read.

Once you learn a few key ideas, you can stop worrying about “the rules” and connect to your intuition for more information during your readings.   This fun evening of learning, discussion, and hands-on practice will provide you with simple tools to keep building your skills, every day!

We will discover if “superstitions” about tarot decks are worth following, how to use storytelling as a memory aid, tapping into numbers to help you quickly find meaning in a spread, and more.

Bring your favorite Tarot deck, paper, a pen, and a smile!

Cost: $11.00 at the door – to be paid to WYZDOM of the Ages Meetup.

If you don’t have a meetup account, it’s free!  You can also email me at ChristinethePsychic@gmail.com so I can email you the address and directions.  We’re going to have a great night!

The event will be listed on the WYZDOM of the Ages – Austin Area & Beyond – so head on over to join the group!  There will be lots of talks in central Texas on Wednesday nights!

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