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Channeled Message from Saint Valentine – February 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Valentine's Stamp with a woman's profile on a green heart.

Saint Laurent Maxicard French Stamps – by fanfreluche_designs, CC License

Happy February!  

In honor of Valentine’s Day on February 14th, I thought it would be fun to channel Saint Valentine of Rome to see what he thinks us 21st Century folks should know about love and relationships. While the Catholic liturgical calendar only has him listed as a local saint (according to Wikipedia), we all know better! Here’s what he has to say for Valentine’s Day 2016:

Channeled Message from Saint Valentine

What can you do with your hands this February to show love? My hands shared the power of Christ’s love and were able to heal persons with epilepsy. That was my miracle. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have miracles in you, too.

You lead much busier lives than we did when I lived on earth and was trying to help those around me. I didn’t intend to become a saint—it just happened after the fact, like it did to so many others.   While the mysteries, the how-to of metaphysical healing combines love and skill, there are so many ways you can harness the positive power of love not just in the time you are in, but throughout the year and over time.

Illuminated latin manuscript page on vellum.

Saint Valentine. Illumination from the “Passionary of Weissenau,” Bodmer Foundation, Switzerland. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Love isn’t something to just throw a lot of attention to on one day of the year, like the whole promotion of my day on the calendar as a day of love. It builds up false expectations and doesn’t allow you to delve deep into your relationships. If you expect to throw a lot of attention and care to your partner on Valentine’s Day and then back off for six months, you’ll be left with a dead plant on the windowsill.

What I mean is that Love is to be nurtured and tended, like a plant. Some relationships are like weeds—you are immediately kindred spirits and you grow together, wild and crazy and shoot up in no time at all. You don’t have to give them plant food or even bother watering them—they thrive no matter the circumstance. You could pull up those weeds in the corner of your garden and come back in a month—and see them shooting up again, taking another stab at a garden takeover!

Other relationships are like tending a cactus.   It might be prickly on the outside, but there’s a lot more to the cactus than you once thought. Once you know its nature, there is life-sustaining water on the inside. It could save your life on a hot, dry desert day. That cactus can be around for the long haul and even eventually flower if you take the time to tend to it.

Colorful hearts with two snakes entwined to make one layer of the heart.

Saint Laurent Maxicard French Stamp. By fanfreluche_designs, CC License.

And some other relationships are like the oak tree and Spanish moss…or hawthorn and mistletoe—one cannot live without the other. This can be good or bad. Good if the two plants constantly replenish and sustain each other—or terrible if the Spanish moss/mistletoe takes over.

Sometimes, you can be drawn to what you think will be a beautiful plant, a beautiful relationship. But like anything worth having—like that rare orchid or collection of African violets on your desk, or even a country rose—they need tending. Sure, you can bring home some cut flowers from the grocery store, but they will be overpriced and dead in a week. But it’s best to learn about the nature of the plant. Do they thrive best in sun or shade? Do they need extra nitrogen or plant food? Are they happier indoors or outdoors? Do they need to ever be pruned? Then, by learning about the plant’s needs, we learn to care for it over the years. We get satisfaction in how it grows and blesses us.

two vellum pages that are illuminated and in Latin

Saint Vincent & Saint Valentine, from the “Hours of Catherine of Cleves (c.1440). By cea+, CC License

However, you can’t go and buy a rosebush, bring it home, and expect it to become a sunflower, or a daisy, or an orchid. You get what you buy. And if you decide that you hate the smell of roses, or your skin is inflamed from getting pricked by its thorns, or you just don’t have enough sun in your yard to care for it, then it’s best to pass the plant along to someone who will love and tend and care for it. And these days, people are learning a lot about relationships. They may need to have more than one longstanding partnership to learn what they need to in this lifetime. So, you may look back over your life and see that you ended up with a garden full of plants, with all different types of relationships.

And just because you’re a sunflower, it doesn’t mean your children will be sunflowers, too. They might be Gerbera daisies, or bluebells.

But you might say, “Saint Valentine, there’s no way I could grow a plant, much less a garden. I don’t have a green thumb!” I’ve heard it time, and time, and time again—and I’ve seen it through the souls over the centuries that light candles at my feet. They are unhappy. They ask me for this person or that person. And then, if they get the person they want, they ask me to change them, like magically changing a cactus into a papaya. Or they’re annoyed that their whole life has been taken over, like bamboo.

But let me tell you this. All of you. All of you have the talent and the capacity for love. You are blessed with the opportunity to love while you’re here on Earth. But it’s your choice. And yes, some people have been “born with a green thumb,” while others have to put in more work to learn how to garden. But no matter what, you are all loveable. You are all capable. It’s about the choices you make on how you spend your time.   EVERYone can have a beautiful garden. So can you, if you choose to.

So instead of buying chalky candy in honor of my day, strew rose petals at your love’s bedside, so that they awake and follow a path of joy to you. May you have every joy and blessing on my saint’s day this and every February.

Ladybug hearts

Saint Laurent Maxicard French Stamps. By fanfreluche_designs, CC License.

Your January 2016 Tarot Reading!


6 tarot cards and 2 crystals on a colorful background.

Top Row CLUES: 3 of Cups – 2 of Swords – Page of Cups. Bottom Row JANUARY Beginning-Middle-End: 10 of Cups – Page of Pentacles – 7 of Pentacles

Your Message for January 2016

Spirit guided me to this layout with six cards in two rows. The BOTTOM row shows the prediction for the beginning, middle, and end of January 2016. The TOP row shows the challenges to this energy—what we’ll all need to process as we move through each part of the month. It zig-zags!

With this month being the beginning of a new year, a new start, it’s time to try some new types of tarot horoscopes and such. If you are reading this page, it means that this reading is for you! This is the energy that’s prevailing right now for YOU in January 2016.

Christine channeled this January 2016 reading using the Morgan-Greer tarot. It’s a shift in physical perspective from the original and created by one of the greats in tarot studies, Mary K. Greer.

Beginning of January (Lower Left) – 10 of Cups

Beginning of January - 10 of Cups

Beginning of January – 10 of Cups

The possibility of Bliss. We’re all coming off of the glow of the holidays. It’s a time to continue to enjoy family and friends. If there are old friends or extended family you haven’t been in touch with, this is a good time to reach out to them. It’s also a good time to go out on the town or take active steps to find a new relationship, if you’re currently single. If you’re coupled, this is a good time to do some reflection on your strengths as a couple—what can you do to make your partner feel more appreciated and loved? Now’s the time to take action and do it.




CLUE for Beginning of January (Upper Left) – 3 of Cups

Clue for the Beginning of January: 3 of Cups

Clue for the Beginning of January: 3 of Cups

Romance, Community (two separate keywords). So, if you weren’t sure you should be concentrating on your emotional health and well-being and your relationships, this card is a clue to do just that. It’s a time to reach out to your community, to start making new friends if you want them. It’s a reminder that we are emotionally fed by our relationships and if there’s any way to do so, do this in person or on the phone, instead of being sucked behind the walls of the internet, social media, and texting. Know that you are valued at every age and stage of life: Maiden – Mother – Wise Woman; or Youth – Warrior – Wise One.




Mid-January (Lower Middle) – Page of Pentacles

Mid-January - Page of Pentacles

Mid-January – Page of Pentacles

This Page will deliver you new information about your finances, job, or creative life. Maybe you’re getting ready to gather your W-2s to do your taxes, and things will suddenly come into focus. Or you’re ready to start a new creative project. The important thing here is to review the information and then make a decision about what will be your next move. Because of Mercury being in retrograde form about the 5-25th of January, your strength will be found inwards—in yourself, your body, and trusting your gut. So, take the facts, and then ask your gut what to do. Don’t rush things if you don’t have to—for example, if you plan on making a major shift in direction, wait until the end of the month.



CLUE for Mid-January (Upper Middle) – 2 of Swords

Mid-January - Page of Pentacles

CLUE for Mid-January – 2 of Swords

Ah, the 2 of Swords. This card shows up for Spirit to let us know that we are our own worst enemy – but we’re actually FREE. The woman with the swords is blindfolded, but she’s unbound. She’s chosen to appear bound and blind to herself–and to those around her. We get to choose to put the swords down, untie the blindfold, and go on to something new.

With Mercury in retrograde mid-January, be kind to yourself. Don’t overthink things in any part of your life. Let your guard down. It’s time to take a big, deep, breath all the way down to your belly, hold it for 5 seconds, and slowly let it go. Have all of those messy emotions and you’ll be left with a new perspective and new outlook!



End of January (Lower Right) – 7 of Pentacles

End of January - 7 of Pentacles

End of January – 7 of Pentacles

January’s cards are all leading to this point! First, we’re basking in post-holiday bliss; then we get new information about upcoming opportunities; and finally, we start seeing some positive payout! The 7 of Pentacles for 2016 is saying that we’ve paid our dues for that thing we want. It could be a response to your college applications, or an offer of a new job, or that your health is improving because of your New Year’s resolution to go on the DASH diet for your heart.

Wherever you’ve been putting your effort—you’ll start to reap successes. It might be big, or it might just be a kernel of things to come—it really depends on where you started back in 2015. But know that more good things are coming. After Mercury Retrograde ends, that last week of January will feel like dam has burst—and that hope is coming!

CLUE for End of January (Upper Right) – Page of Cups

CLUE for the End of January - Page of Cups

CLUE for the End of January – Page of Cups

Again, Spirit sends us the Page when we’re ready to move to a new level. We already have a Page for mid-January and here’s our second Page for the end of the month. The Page of Cups says we’ll all be at a new level of emotion and spirituality. It may feel a bit strange. That’s okay. We will be used to these changes by March or April.

Knowing what you want out of your relationships is key. What makes a good friend to you? What qualities are needed for your team to get along at work? What behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable in those around you? Your heart is overflowing, and it will be time to sift through this information. The people around you will tell you who they are through their actions and emotions. LISTEN to them.

It’s time to look at the payout you’re seeing with 7 of Pentacles and think—who do I want with me to enjoy this bounty? Who do I want with me for this new phase of life? Make sure your Tribe is one of the heart.

If you’re looking for a new relationship, you need to persevere and act on the dating information that is coming your way. (You also need to make a top 10 list of positive attributes for your partner and a list of 3 deal breakers and have it in place by January 23rd.)

If you’re partnered, make sure your partner knows that you love them. Wear your heart on your sleeve, and tell them how you feel – don’t make them have to ask, or guess. If you’re the silent type, this is a good time for one of those grand gestures—have fun!

January Overview

You are in for a wild and fun ride in January 2016. Opportunities abound. While many people get caught up in the negative parts of Mercury Retrograde (January 5-25) it is a good time for self-reflection and getting in touch with your feelings. It’s a time to re-examine your beliefs and discard the beliefs you hold that you don’t want in your life anymore. It’s a good time to get rid of negativity and self-defeating beliefs, too.

You really could not ask for a better outcome this January—Spirit says that you’re deserving of a joyous personal life and that they want to give you those things you’ve been working and wishing and waiting for. So go out and get it!

Happy 2016, and may every joy come to you this year!

Bright Blessings, Christine

Orgone Generator surrounded by 6 stones (clockwise, starting at 12 o'clock): Blue Calcite, Quartz Sphere, Pipestone, Purpurite, Quartz Skull, Black Tourmaline.

Orgone Generator surrounded by 6 stones (clockwise, starting at 12 o’clock): Blue Calcite, Quartz Sphere, Pipestone, Purpurite, Quartz Skull, Black Tourmaline.

Mary Queen of Angels – December Horoscopes

13 oracle cards on a blue background.

Lady Mary Queen of Angels – Sun Sign Horoscopes for December!

December is a time for tradition. While we all are on our own spiritual journeys, we are making the shift through the darkest part of the year, in order to come out on the other side—in the light. The energy of this being a Master Number 11 month compounds all of the buzzy, eddying energy available. Harness it and put it to good use during your celebrations.

What are your holiday traditions? How will you usher in the light after Winter Solstice/Yule? Sending a special birthday wish to my Sagittarius and Capricorn friends. Know that you are loved – and that we need to have a huge Christmas in July party in 2016. (Being 6 months younger wouldn’t hurt, either! My Mother brought me home in an Xmas stocking, so I’ve seen every “Merry Birthday” card on the market between my own birthday and those of half of my grandparents. We all had Christmas week birthdays, so I still miss celebrating with them.)

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Bright Blessings, Christine

December 2015 Horoscopes

This month’s horoscopes were channeled using Doreen Virtue’s Mary, Queen of Angels oracle deck. While it’s a fun deck to use for the holiday season, you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy Mary’s insights—she’s a representation of the great Earth Mother and can also be seen as Kuan Yin, or the female version of the Buddha, and even Gaia, goddess of the Earth.

Many of the keywords for Mary’s cards have to do with our attitudes and how to remove energy blockages in order to bring in what’s for our best and highest good.

December’s Message: BLESSINGS

Blessings are coming in for December.

Blessings are coming in for December.

As we being to embrace the holiday season, take time each evening to write down a good thing that happened during the day as well as something you are looking forward to during the month of December. If you keep this little “gratitude” journal of your blessings, you will notice how quickly it snowballs. You’ll be able to take stock of beautiful moments each day, even if things become harried or busy.

Remember that you, your family and friends, your pets, and your loved ones are all blessed. We have all been brought together for our divine purposes, and you, like the angels, do contribute to making the world a better place each day. Thank you for being a part of the blessings on this earth during this holiday season.


December Sun Signs

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) ~ Boundaries

Boundaries card on blue background.

Boundaries will help you this December.

Know that you are supported by the angels, Sagittarius, as you go about your way this December. Ask them for any help or assistance you need, whether it is large or small. Flex your angel muscles! As you do, also remember that you deserve to have your boundaries respected. Some of you will need help in setting the boundaries, while others of you need to take a little time to think about situations that could arise this month, so that you can consciously choose your boundaries. You don’t want to learn about your boundaries by having others trample over them.

Follow this edict from the angels, and even if you don’t need them, ask them along for the ride. You deserve to feel content, secure, respected, and loved for this month, and always.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) ~ Optimism

Optimism card on blue background.

Capricorn, it’s time to be optimistic in December!

It’s time to set up some Great Expectations, Capricorn! Open your heart a little more, and let some of those secret wishes and wants come out to play. Expect that your needs will be met, your wishes fulfilled – if you only put in the strength to as k for what you want, or to take that road not taken to get what you need. Maybe it’s that you finally want to go ice-skating outside this December, whether it’s at Rockefeller Square under the big glowing tree, or on the balcony at Whole Foods in Austin.

And if it’s a kiss you want, get to hanging up that mistletoe! Whatever your Christmas or holiday wish is, go for it!

You must choose success for it to be drawn to you. Expect success.


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) ~ Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

We forgive to give ourselves a new lease on life – not to give the person who wronged us a “get out of jail free” card. People make it sound so easy, and we know it will shift, the release will happen at the right time. Well, this IS the right time, Aquarius. It’s time to accept that person as they are, release them, and make your heart whole again.

If it’s a big forgive that needs to happen, then set yourself up for success before you go to sleep for three nights. Ask Spirit, Lady Mary, or the great Flying Spaghetti Monster to “cut the cords” for this situation.

If it’s a little forgive that needs to happen, get outside, under the stars, and imagine all the negativity from the situation draining into the ground. Ask Mother Earth to recycle the energy and sleep soundly.

Or, you may find that you are unexpectedly offered an apology or another gift. Know that by doing your own release work, whatever that is, you open yourself to be brought new spiritual and emotional gifts (and cookies wouldn’t hurt, either!). You are loved.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20) ~ Quiet

Pisces, take time out for yourself this month.

Pisces, take time out for yourself this month.

You have the answers within you. Go to that quiet place when you want to hear them, Pisces. If you take time to listen, you will be amazed at the wisdom your spirit will offer you. Let go of the memories of Christmas Past.

Lady Mary wants you to allow in your Christmas or holiday future, but you need to set aside a little time for reflection this month. It will serve you well and keep you going as you bop from party to party. Take the rest and quiet time you need to enjoy this delightful month, Pisces. Seek balance and you will find all the things you need.

Reluctant Piscean spiritualists may become baffled at the changes in energy coming up. But, it’s all good.

Aries (March 21 – April 20) ~ Watched Over

Remember to speak with the angels this month, Aries.

Remember to speak with the angels this month, Aries.

When you and those close to you are watched over, you can let go of the strings a bit. Take a deep breath and relax.

If you are a parent/grandparent/parent by choice, let your children take those next steps. Let them stay out an hour later with their friends. Let them try cooking the family dish for the first time. Know that you’ve done a great job in helping them become the young people that they are today. Let them bring home a new boy/girl friend that maybe you don’t like. Trust that if they don’t know what they are doing now, they will very soon.

For friends, colleagues and others. Let go. You are safe, so you can be generous. For example, Phil from work thinks a juicer is a good gift for his wife, because he wants fresh orange juice on the weekend. So what! Or your crazy best friend wants to start a catering business or Etsy shop? It’s time for you to be the sunshine for the others around you.

YOU are the hope-giver right now. Your beaming energy is contagious. You are the emotional equivalent of Santa for grown-ups! And you know why? Because YOU are watched over. You are protected and loved both in this realm and the great beyond.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20) ~ Present Moment

Taurus, your gift this month is to enjoy the present moment.

Taurus, your gift this month is to enjoy the present moment.

Worry is not serving you, Taurus. When you feel that buzzy energy of December 2015 swirling around you, take a time out. Then, do something that will help you in the here and now. Set a time for 15 minutes and do something that will make you grounded in the present moment. Maybe that’s cleaning out a kitchen drawer, taking a shower, walking around the block, or coloring a page in a coloring book.

Bring yourself to the present. And bring those people you love around you so that you can enjoy them in the present. Now is a gift we can give to ourselves, and to others. If you’re single right now, saying “yes” to enjoying the moment will attract folks to you like a magnet! The same is true if you’re looking for new friends. Go to the parties, and say yes to fun this month.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20) ~ Gratitude

Gratitude will bring you contentment and joy this month.

Gratitude will bring you contentment and joy this month.

Gemini, have you ever heard the old Protestant hymn, “Praise God through whom all blessings flow”? Acknowledging the role Spirit (God, Goddess, or even Your Higher Self) played in getting you where you are today will bring you an abundance of blessings this month. Some will be surprises.

To bring in your holiday wishes, know yourself and what you want. Ask Spirit to provide, and continue to do your homework on the other end. Clean out your home or office so there’s room for new blessings to come in. Create a vacuum of physical space. If you want Santa to visit for Christmas, you have to hang up your stocking!

Belief, faith, hope, and gratitude will bring you to a new level of abundance.

Cancer (June 21 – July 21) ~ Action

It's time to get your ducks in a row And move forward this month.

It’s time to get your ducks in a row AND move forward this month.

Aha, Cancer! Lady Mary has caught you with your hand in the cookie jar! It’s time to stop procrastinating—which is happening since there’s a lot of new energy ready to flow in once the dam breaks down. Take action in big ways and small—state your preference when asked what you want for dinner. Practice voicing your opinion, because without it, action has nowhere to follow, nowhere to take you. What’s your biggest dream for the next year? And what small action can you take today to make it happen?

You may feel more like life happens to you instead of for you. This December is the birth of a new cycle for you, if you’re up for it. Time to shake things up! Write up that bucket list, post it on your bathroom mirror, and get crackin’!


Leo (July 22 – August 21) ~ Children

Remember holidays of years gone by?

Remember holidays of years gone by?

Have you gotten in touch with your inner child lately, Leo? You’re feeling the fact that you’re an old soul more and more recently. It’s time to release any blocks around your heart. Your heart is so big; that sometimes you feel like it needs to be held back. Not so this month, Leo. Let your star shine, and your heart love. Enjoy your children, your pets, and your family of choice.

Open yourself to the wonder of the season. Remember what it was like to find joy, and beauty, in everyday things. A butterfly. New snow. Riding a skateboard down that hill that scared you. Leo, you can manifest what you desire, if you remember the yearnings of your childish heart.


Virgo (August 22 – September 21)  ~ Joy

Time to download some Joy.

Time to download some Joy, Virgo!

Live in the moment, Virgo. Spend time doing things that bring you into the present, with people that make you laugh, or make your heart ache in a wonderful way. You deserve to be surrounded with those people who enjoy doing what you do, where you can all escape into the moment.

Join a roller derby. Dance. Play in a band. Build a gazebo. Or run away to join the circus. Move to Portland.

Shake things up, and enjoy the people, places, and things that you love.


Libra (September 22 – October 21) ~ Mother

Libra, Lady Mary offers you a Mother's blessing this month.

Libra, Lady Mary offers you a Mother’s blessing this month.

We can all open our hearts to the divine mother, regardless of whether we are male or female. This season is a time to reach out to others who may be in pain. If you’re in emotional pain yourself—this is a time to put out some tentacles of trust and latch on to those helpers who can bring you back into the light.

Mother is the divine nurturer, the divine safe space. She brings us peace along with hope for new beginnings. Let this December be a time for you to bring those you love together and shift from darkness to light. Winter Solstice, or Yule, is the birth of the light half of the year. Know that the light is coming, physically, literally, and emotionally. Yule begins an important 6-month cycle for you, Libra. What will you bring into the light with you? What’s worth keeping for the journey?

Scorpio (October 22 – November 22) ~ Tenderness

Tenderness means that the locks on your heart are ready to open to a new level this month.

Tenderness means that the locks on your heart are ready to open to a new level this month.

Scorpio, you can be strong and merciful at the same time. You may be made into a Good Samaritan of sorts or be assisted by one this month. It is time to contact with new people and ideas. Know that you are filled with the Divine. Of course, don’t do anything stupid—but know that you have the power to take on anything. Consider the amount of power needed to get the job done. Your strength, your heart, and your influence is larger than you may think. Don’t power wash your wine glasses. Use the right amount of energy to get the job done.

If you’re willing to show a bit more of your soft side, love will be drawn to you. Irresistibly. Enjoy the party!


Sending every joy to your and yours in this holiday season.  Have a wonderful December!   ~ Christine

Clockwise from top: Scolecite, Apophyllite, Chinese Writing Rock, Pipestone, jade, quartz skull. Center: Quartz point.

Clockwise from top: Scolecite, Apophyllite, Chinese Writing Rock, Pipestone, jade, quartz skull. Center: Quartz point.








Botticelli Tarot Horoscopes – November 2015

13 tarot cards and three stones sit on a purple background.

The Botticelli Tarot for November 2015. Scorpio begins the top row with the 9 of wands. Gemini begins the second row with the Hanged Man.

Can you believe it’s November already? While the rains pour and the tornadoes howl around us, everything is quiet, waiting for rebirth. Sending you warm wishes for a cozy and relaxing holiday season!

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Bright Blessings, Christine

November 2015 Horoscopes

This month’s horoscopes were channeled using the Golden Botticelli Tarot. It’s a beautiful deck in the style of Renaissance painter Botticelli who is known for the work “The Birth of Venus.” As much Renaissance artwork was on themes from the Bible, there are a lot of Christian themes in this deck, not just ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. You’ll find the Pope, the Virgin Mary, and a host of angels waiting for you in these cards.

November’s Message: 10 of Pentacles – Coming Home

a path of 10 coins leads to a cozy house.

November’s card is the 10 of Pentacles.

While the adage “Home is where the heart is,” may sound like a cliché, this card shows us that the part to our heart’s desire is more straightforward than we think. When you connect into your heart energy and let the noise around you die down, your body know what feels like “home.” Is that a place, a person, both? Make a beeline towards that which provides you security during this Thanksgiving month of November. The goddess Vesta says, don’t let anyone come and rest at your hearth who does not belong in the home of your heart.




November Sun Signs

Scorpio (October 22 – November 22) ~ 9 of Wands

Scorpio: 9 of Wands

Scorpio: 9 of Wands

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! You’re at the end and the birth of another year of life on this glorious earth. The message of the 9 of Wands is that of completion and rebirth. Follow your passions for this month (and the upcoming year). Do not take your eyes off of the prize. Keep your eyes on the road and the steps you need to put in place to make that happen. You have put your ducks in a row to take flight into your new adventure.




Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) ~ (XXI) The World

Sagittarius: The World

Sagittarius: The World

Dear Sagittarius, you are not on a lonely island. In reality, you are swimming in a sea of possibilities. Botticelli’s Venus is here to tell you that the world is your oyster! Everything and everyone you touch will bask in your glow. If you feel upset or disconnected from those around you, make sure you get some rest time to sit still and connect to the love that surrounds you—the world really is at your fingertips. Anything is possible. Bask in it.




Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) ~ 1 of Pentacles

Capricorn: Ace of Pentacles

Capricorn: Ace of Pentacles

Guess what? With two angels and one pentacle, it’s time to start your new creative endeavors NOW, not at New Year’s. I you’re looking to start a creative project, like a novel (NaNoWriMo, anyone?), make an investment, or look to gain news skills or a new career, you’ve got to start now. And that’s just like the Capricorn—s/he’s climbing up that rocky mountain while everyone else is lollygagging around. Know that you are blessed by spirit and ask for angelic guidance as you start this new endeavor.



Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) ~ 9 of Chalices (cups)

Aquarius: 9 of chalices

Aquarius: 9 of chalices

Aquarius, you aren’t easily satisfied by the same things as the people around you. There’s some sort of disconnect and it’s time to drink from the full cup of life. It’s time to find the others who think like you do—whether that is a new bestie, business partner, or a passionate love interest. In the right environment, you have the capacity to feel so much joy and contentment, but you have to take the wheel. If you see someone who looks as out of place as you feel, reach out to them. Your capacity for empathy is a balm to those around you, especially this month.




Pisces (February 20 – March 20) ~ 9 of Swords

Pisces: 9 of Swords

Pisces: 9 of Swords

Your intent is the strongest tool in your arsenal this month, Pisces. Don’t overthink things, but set your intention and back it up with logical action. Don’t let others push you around. Be thoughtful in what activities and projects you take on in the next few weeks. Make sure they line up with your personal ethics and goals. Have faith. You’ve worked hard and a change is coming soon.





Aries (March 21 – April 20) ~ 2 of Pentacles

Aries: 2 of Pentacles

Aries: 2 of Pentacles

Pan’s sons and daughters await your orders. Get out into nature this month as a way to relax and unwind. Enjoy the crisp fall winds and the crunch of leaves below your feet. The dear little goat foot god and goddesses want you to be as bouncy as those hippos in pink tutus in Fantasia dancing to Ponchielli’s opera. Let whimsy be your guide. Know that if you follow what makes you laugh till tears come to your eyes that you will always have enough financially, spiritually, and joyfully.




Taurus (April 21 – May 20) ~ 6 of Swords

Taurus: 6 of Swords

Taurus: 6 of Swords

In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, a man and a woman start on a journey, with six swords accompanying them in their boat. For Botticelli, however, this is not the case, Taurus. It’s time to choose which perspective, which journey you will take. Will you stay in the same place, stuck at home with your thoughts? Right now, your point of view is creating a barrier between you and those around you.

You have three choices. Choice #1: stay in your comfortable fortress, because you are right—you’ve thought it through and know it in your bones. But, being right can sometimes get lonely. Choice #2: Take the high road, concede, and watch the circumstances around you shift in an instant. With this choice—you’ll gain the wisdom of being able to see things on a much more universal level without much effort. You’ll shoot up, like a weed, in your personal growth. Choice #3: You can take that boat that the couple wanted to use—but you must leave your swords—your preconceived notion—behind – you’ll learn to take the sails and will feel more in control of your life if you’re brave enough to shift the situation completely.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) ~ (XII) The Hanged Man

Gemini: XII The Hanged Man

Gemini: XII The Hanged Man

Ah, Gemini, at this time of the year where the opening of the month features Day of the Dead and Guy Fawkes day, it makes so much sense that your twin-view of the world would land you here, as the hanged man. Can you just sit and enjoy the place you’re in this month? Forcing the matter is not going to help things right now. Being able to sit in the space of indecision is in itself a choice that takes an open heart to accomplish. You have that big heart—a twin-sized heart! Put off any big decisions and changes until next month. Sit tight, Gemini.



Cancer (June 21 – July 21) ~ King of Chalices (cups)

Cancer: King of Chalices

Cancer: King of Chalices

The King here reminds us of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer have a Contest to see who can be the “master of their domain” for the longest period of time. So, the question is—does falling head over heels make you feel more smart (like Jerry, George, and Kramer) or giddy and distracted (like Elaine)? You may feel like all the power is in the people around you and that you have no control over your emotions, your soul mate, what will happen to you, et cetera. But in truth, you are the one who knows your heart best. You are the one with the capability to tap into your emotional and spiritual legacy–to create whatever your heart desires.

Your question this month is—do you channel that creativity or drive better on your own, or working with a partner?

Leo (July 22 – August 21) ~ Knight of Swords

Leo: Knight of Swords

Leo: Knight of Swords

Deep thoughts. New thoughts swirl around you and life is opening up in ways you never expected. Situations feel like they are changing quickly as you are provided with new information and new ways of thinking. While those around you are powering down for the holidays, this is a time filled with new insights for you, Leo. Harness this holiday energy to bring you together with new friends along with those people you haven’t seen in a long time. You’re going to hit a Eureka moment this month if you open yourself up to new stimuli from parties, get-togethers, targeted Google searches, and making space for the new.



Virgo (August 22 – September 21)  ~ (XIV) Temperance

Virgo: XIV Temperance

Virgo: XIV Temperance

Moderation as you approach the holidays is key, Virgo. Enjoy yourself, but stay grounded. Take the middle path—don’t go all out, but also don’t do so much nesting that you cut yourself off from others. Your family, friends, and coworkers need you as an example of sanity in this season of holiday mayhem. This may sound like a downer—but it’s really not. Temperance knows how to “have it all.” It’s time to think about what “having it all” would mean to you—what parts are necessary for maximum personal and spiritual growth, for maximum companionship, for maximum joy. You deserve to “have it all” in a healthy and happy way. Do what you need to do to pull things into balance—and remember: it’s okay to delegate.


Libra (September 22 – October 21) ~ (V) The Hierophant

Libra: V The Hierophant

Libra: V The Hierophant

How do you see yourself? If you were a guru and had a following of people who were supposed to learn and grow from your example, what message would you share with them?   What message do you need most? Sit quietly and listen. Is it: “You are divinely loved.” “You bring joy to others.” “You are forgiven.” “We are all one.” Who IS your imaginary hierophant? Is it Pope Francis? Jiminy Cricket? Archangel Michael? Or the Caterpillar? Whoever it is, channel that energy and use it this month.





Sending bright blessings, joy, and the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday to you all!   Enjoy your November and our travels towards the darkest part of the year–Winter Solstice.

~ Christine

Enchanted Tarot Horoscopes – September 2015

Channeled Tarot Horoscope by - September 2015

Channeled Tarot Horoscope by – September 2015

 Doesn’t September always make you think about going back to school, regardless of whether you have kiddos in the house? It’s time to buy a new outfit or two, to think ahead to the holidays coming up, and to try to hold on to the last bit of summer. Barbeques and pool parties galore dot our weekends, and we look forward to cooler days to watch baseball outside or take the dog on a long walk in the shade. And less sweating—that, too, at least here in Texas. Trixie has me jogging a bit every day to keep her from puling at the leash—and I’ll end up a runner by default at some point.

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September 2015 Horoscopes

This month’s horoscopes were channeled using the Enchanted Tarot. This deck is tactile in nature as each card was created as a quilt and then photographed. So much intention and Light has been sewn, quilted, and appliquéd into each card.

September’s Message: The Wheel of Fortune

September's Message for All: 10 - The Wheel of Fortune

September’s Message for All: 10 – The Wheel of Fortune

September is another new year, a month of change. While we often have certain expectations as to what we, or our kids, will learn at back-to-school time, instead; reexamine. It’s time to play the odds, to have a bit of lady luck come your way. In order to have the winning odds, you’ve got to act as if you are the “house” (of the casino). The House knows that it’s going to win, eventually—because it has the odds and the resources to continue playing.

If you decide to back off and just let the situation unfold as it may—you may get very lucky, or you may end up with the leftovers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but–By creating the feeling that you will win, you can bring success into view. For example, if you want a certain type of car—go and take one for a test drive, even if you have no intention to buy it right now. Put the “feeling” of success into you body, just like you would practice the perfect slam-dunk, or Bach etude. It’s all beautiful.

September Sun Signs

Virgo (August 22 – September 21)  ~ 4 of Wands

Virgo: 4 of Wands

Virgo: 4 of Wands

Everything is in balance for you this month, Virgo. If you’re feeling unsupported, reach out—there’s someone willing to have your back for whatever adventure you’d like to embark on. Create a garden around you, or a new home brew set up, or anything that will fuel your passion and zest for life. From this place of stability, you can create things for yourself that didn’t seem possible in the past.

The 4 of Wands is also traditionally associated with love, marriage and the expression of new levels of commitment in your relationship. It’s the foundation from which to create a joyful home. So, if your relationships are floundering, it’s time to give them some TLC.


Libra (September 22 – October 21) ~ Prince of Pentacles

Libra: Prince of Pentacles

Libra: Prince of Pentacles

The Prince of Pentacles is here to take you to the stars, Libra. It’s time for you to announce to the world your wishes and dreams. It’s time to take a risk from a place of strength and virility. It’s okay if those around you don’t agree with you—it’s time to distinguish your voice from the chorus of those around you. The fears of those around you need to be discarded as you move forward.

You will have followers—they may be people who share your dreams, or even romantic partners. Your voice is so persuasive that this time, Libra, that you could convince the very trees to uproot themselves, Ent-like, and follow you over the mountains to the sea.


Scorpio (October 22 – November 22) ~ (4) Emperor

Scorpio: 4 The Emperor

Scorpio: 4 The Emperor

The Emperor is a man of the ages, Scorpio. His power can be used for good or evil. The question is: Are you the emperor, or are you the subject? Wisdom is more easily gained when you have all of the information. If you are the emperor, you need to get up off of your throne and get your hands dirty—find out what you need to know for yourself. You won’t have quite enough information even if you rely on trusted family members, friends, or co-workers. This is a time when you need to experience things to move ahead.

If you’re the subject: Whom are you putting up there on the throne, on a pedestal above you? Are you giving away your power? While we can learn so much from others—we learn more and get better answers when we remember that we are all equal members of the human race. Institutions can to make us believe that we’re not worthy unless we follow the path assigned to us. However, we’re all equal in Spirit. We all have so much to learn, and to share with others. You have a unique contribution, Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) ~ (11) Justice

Sagittarius: 11 Justice

Sagittarius: 11 Justice

Sit, soak up, and enjoy your power this month, Sagittarius. You are the sword and shield who is making things better for those to follow. What will be your legacy? Who will it be for? Is it for your children, your students, for future generations, or for everyone?

It’s time to take the middle path and stay in balance for this month. Now is also a good time to contact your financial advisor and check on starting or adding to any investments. Things are going well right now, so it is a good time to start saving for the future.

Be proactive about repairs and preventative maintenance of your body and your home. For example, schedule that annual checkup with your doctor or dentist. Or, go ahead and repaint the living room, or have someone replace those rotten shingles. You’ll feel great afterward!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) ~ (16) Tower

Capricorn: 16 The Tower

Capricorn: 16 The Tower

Capricorn, change is a-coming! While this month may end up looking like one chaotic situation after another, you will successfully make it through to the other side.

Give yourself the upper hand in this situation. Here are three methods to ride out the storm: 1) Instead of being pulled into the chaos, try to stay in the eye of the storm. This will give you some peace as things change around you. You don’t have to engage. 2) Think long term. Know your long-term plans. This way, you can bend the storm to your advantage. 3) Finally, you can even be a tornado-chaser. Use this vortex of power that’s gathered around you to take an excitement-filled ride to the next level.

After the storm is the dawn. After the storm is new growth, green grass, and a happy outcome. Take good care of yourself this month, and be sure to do things that make you happy.

Watch lots of funny movies, make your favorite meal, and kiss those you love.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) ~ 7 of Hearts (Cups)

Aquarius: 7 of Hearts (Cups)

Aquarius: 7 of Hearts (Cups)

In the Enchanted Tarot, Aphrodite uses her magic touch to keep all seven hearts in the air, enclosed by an eighth heart, under the light of the moon and the stars. Love overflows for you. It brings you the power of a magician, who creates something out of seemingly nothing. You have skills and support around you that you’re not aware of Aquarius.

It’s time to harness your powers to bring what you want to pass—is it riches? Love? A new home? It’s time to expose the deepest wish of your heart and to go for it. The trick here is that it’s important to think of the outcome and not be attached to HOW it manifests. Ask Archangel Zadkiel to help you clear out any negative or muddled energy holding you back. Can you give a little bit of your worries to Spirit, and open the door to see a broader vision of what you want? Instead of just grasping that little heart with all your might, imagine bringing them together into the eight heart of infinity and bliss, all sponsored by mighty Aphrodite.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20) ~ 2 of Wands

Pisces: 2 of Swords

Pisces: 2 of Swords

Dear Pisces,

Why have you decided to participate in this standoff? Instead of overthinking your situation and staying stuck this month, let go and see what gifts you are given. You feel like you are at a crossroads—and you are. But, a crossroads only shows two outcomes. This or that. Us or them. Black or white—instead of the daily life we live filled with every color of the rainbow AND all the shades of gray.

Take a step back from the supposed problem at hand—take a little vacation form it, because it will be there as long as you’d like it to be there. You don’t have to “opt in” or “opt out.” There doesn’t have to be all the drama here that’s been whipped up about what school to attend, what job to take—or whether you’ll ever date again. There’s a web of opportunities open for you. This month, Pisces—please go take a day and do something that gives you joy. If you’re not sure of what that is—maybe it’s time to make a bucket list of some fun things to do before you hit your next birthday that ends with an “0”—whether that be 20, 30, 40, 50, or even 80.

Love, Your Guides

 Aries (March 21 – April 20) ~ 9 Swords

Aries: 9 of Swords

Aries: 9 of Swords

Aries, you’ve worked this situation out—this is going to be as good as it gets. If you’re in a good situation, soak it up and enjoy it! Have a party and invite everyone to celebrate with you. Maybe you’ve just finished your education, or are moving into a new job. And if you’re mourning the end of a relationship, a job, or a loved one who’s crossed over—have a celebration. Celebrate the person you have become, either because of or despite the person or situation. Have a divorce party and wear red. Celebrate your loved one and leave a plate at the table for them.

You’re at the best place for the swords—if you’re not feeling sure about this, it’s a good time to be turning your mind into an ally. The 10 of swords can mean that you’ve overdone things—and right now at the 9, you’re at the apex of things. You’re the top!

Taurus (April 21 – May 20) ~ Ace of Hearts (Cups)

Taurus: Ace of Hearts (Cups)

Taurus: Ace of Hearts (Cups)

In the Enchanted Tarot, the Ace of Hearts is not accompanied by the traditional cup. Instead there’s an urn. In ancient Egypt, they believed that the best place to make decisions wasn’t in the mind, but in the heart. As a result, they preserved the heart in a small urn or jar to keep it around as long as possible—to give the soul its means of making decisions. Both the heart, and its jar were called the “Ab.”

Know that at this time, you are supported by spirit in any relationships or new endeavors. Let your brain do its own things—and instead, make your decisions from the heart.

Know that spirit is saying, “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up–’cause quitting just ain’t my schtick” (Barry White – Chorus hist at about 2:35-2:40)) so why would you give up on them?

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) ~ King of Pentacles

Gemini: King of Pentacles

Gemini: King of Pentacles

Gemini, you will arrive at a new apex of your creativity this month. By harnessing your power, you can move forward in your artistic life (if you have a creative bent), in your career, and/or in your finances. The King of Pentacles rules creativity, career, and money in a positive way. If you have an entrepreneurial bent, now is a good time to start harvesting those ideas as well.

Look out for allies that can help you in your pursuits. If you’re not sure of how to move forward—start journaling daily, or download a voice recorder app to start capturing your ideas. It’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Act as if you are lucky, and the Law of Attraction will help bring things together for you.


Cancer (June 21 – July 21) ~ Ace of Pentacles

Cancer: Ace of Pentacles

Cancer: Ace of Pentacles

You will be supported in new endeavors this month, Cancer. But, things need to be shaken up a bit. How can you tweak what you are doing to be more successful, especially on the job or finance front? This month is all about sowing the seeds of manifestation, and believing that good things can come to pass. You can have money in a happy way. You can have health in a happy way. You can manifest the physical things you need, like a comfortable home, in a happy way.

In September, make a top 10 wish list of things you’d like to have happen in your life. To the end of each wish, add – “in a happy way” or “quickly and easily.” For example, “I’d like to find a new job, quickly and easily.” Or, “I’d like to start dating, in a happy way.” Whatever it is you want—now is the time to start building it. Start dreaming.

Leo (July 22 – August 21) ~ (8) Strength

Leo: 8 Strength

Leo: 8 Strength

Ah, it’s ironic, Leo, that you got the Strength card this month! In the Enchanted tarot, we see a maiden taming the king of the forest. They both are blessed with special powers to keep the world in balance—the maiden is crowned with the symbol of infinity and the lion with a traditional crown of power—of ruling over all that he surveys.

You will find your Strength through balance this month, Leo. You don’t have to be “tamed,” like the lion is in the picture. Instead, use infinity—think about the long game. Think about sustainability—what can you keep up? Where would you like to invest? Know that you are an asset to those around you. You are well loved; even if it is not always shown the way you’d like it to be.

With the combination of strength and infinity comes excellence, through the skill of knowing when to exert your strength, and when to save it for yourself. Step into your power, Leo.

Ms. Trixie enjoying our grass during the May rains...

Ms. Trixie enjoying our grass during the May rains…

Have a wonderful September. Enjoy the kiddos going back to school, the change in the seasons, and the last bit of summer corn… ~ Christine





Healing Crystals Horoscope – August 2015

August's Message: Moonstone

August’s Message: Moonstone

Healing Crystals Cards  Horoscopes – August 2015

Can you believe the Summer has hit its peak? Early August is the season of Lughnasadh. It’s the first of the harvest festivals, when the blackberries are ripe. As a teenager, my friends and I would go down to the creek and pick wild blackberries from the bushes that grew there. If they lasted long enough, I’d make blackberry pies to share. I hope your August is filled with yumminess!

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August 2015 Horoscopes

Your August 2015 Healing Crystals Horoscope

Your August 2015 Healing Crystals Horoscope

This month’s horoscopes were channeled using the Healing Crystals Deck. This deck has a picture of each stone along with 3 keywords. The margins show the stone’s family, hardness, applicable chakras. On the back is an affirmation for each stone as well.

Each Sun Sign has its own stone and channeled message this month. To get more oomph out of your message, meditate with the stone or even just carry it around with you in a pocket or purse. Or just set it on your desk as you work. If you don’t have the time to go shopping—no worries! You can also use a photograph of the stone in the same way. Crystal Skull pictures of stones work even better. So enjoy your messages and carry them with you this month to gain courage, faith, and hope in your daily dealings.

Note that I’ve added a link to each stone here in case you want to learn more about it or have a photo for meditation.  The links are not an endorsement for purchasing stones or following information from the associated sites. Please make sure you follow your own heart, or contact the appropriate professional before making medical or financial decisions.

Enjoy! ~ Christine


August Message: Moonstone

August's Message: Moonstone

August’s Message: Moonstone

Moonstone looks like a simple, innocuous stone, but it’s not innocent. It knows the rhythms of life and the stories of old, for every generation. Use the wisdom of the moonstone this month to help ferret out patterns to help you: patterns in your relationships; patterns in the mundane; even patterns in the food you eat while dining on a hot august night. Meditate with moonstone to open up your psychic field and to clean and purify your chakras. This will open you to the true intentions of those around you.

August Sun Signs

Leo: Unakite (Jasper) ~ Virgo: Apache Tears ~ Libra: Clear Quartz

Leo: Unakite (Jasper) ~ Virgo: Apache Tears ~ Libra: Clear Quartz

Leo (July 22 – August 21) ~ Unakite (jasper)

Your stone, Leo, is Unakite. Like traditional jasper, unakite combines disparate elements into a glorious whole. This month, it’s time to get your life back in balance. While you’re doing fine, by making more thoughtful choices and pursuing things you’ve been putting off that need to be done. You’re also allowed to dump those goals or possessions or people that are merely unnecessary or even detrimental. Once your assessment is complete, it will be possible to bring improvement to your love life, creative fire and passion, and/or your health.

Carry or meditate on unakite to bring balance, grounding, health, and friendship (pink and green) or love/passion (red/green) into your life.

Virgo (August 22 – September 21)  ~ Apache Tears

Did you see that short cartoon called Lava which was the preview to the recent Pixar movie Inside Out? In Lava, the male volcano was ready to take on the task of patience, hope, and love to gain the companionship he wanted. The apache tears are the obsidian that he wept while thinking about and waiting for his sweetheart.

What are you obsessed about to the point of tears? Is it time to acknowledge to Spirit or your Loved Ones that you get it—that it’s time to let go? Once we hand hope over to Spirit and clear our hearts, we raise our vibration, thus making all things—even a new volcano companion—possible.

Know that you are being protected at this time. Carry or meditate on apache tears to protect, ground, and raise your vibration.

Scorpio: Blue Tiger Eye ~ Sagittarius: Selenite ~ Capricorn: Howlite

Scorpio: Blue Tiger Eye ~ Sagittarius: Selenite ~ Capricorn: Howlite

Libra (September 22 – October 21) ~ Clear Quartz

Libra, you have the master healer, the master builder—clear quartz. It’s an all-purpose stone, which makes anything possible this month. If you work with quartz without setting your intention, it’s a good stone to clean and purify you, kind of like the filter in an air cleaner or a goldfish bowl. But you, and quartz, are capable of your biggest desires.

By letting the quartz know what you want it to do, it can help in myriad ways. This month, take some time to gain clarity and ask the stone to help you do that. Once your intention is set, quartz can help you change a droplet of water into a raging river, or an ocean. It’s okay to start form humble beginnings, but it’s time to gain a direction. And if you don’t, you’ll be swept back and forth like the tide—you’ll think life is getting better, but you’ll look back a year later and find yourself swept back to the same place; the same patterns. You’ll have the ride of your life on a rapids-filled river, but end up ankle-deep in sand if you stay where you are. It’s time to get moving!

Also remember that quartz is in our computers, our electronics, and our phones—does your talents lay in it?

Scorpio (October 22 – November 22) ~ Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk’s Eye)

Tiger Eye is known for making you brave, Scorpio. However, blue tiger eye is a bit more elusive. The bravery here is about finding your own voice. It’s about finding your own path and being true to yourself.

How do you communicate with the world? It’s time to update your image, whether that is how you speak and relate with others in person, taking up singing or a musical instrument, or some other sort of artistry. There’s also art in nature, in taking a hike in the woods and feeling the still, small voice that comes forward when you make space for it.

If you feel yourself getting frustrated or stuck, this sounds really silly, but use the phrase often uttered by Frank Underwood on House of Cards: “How do you mean?” Ask yourself. Ask your neighbors, friends, kids, and coworkers. Instead of standing upon the façade of what’s spoken, explore what’s really below the surface. When you ask someone, “How do you mean?” you pave the way for communication—and delight. Make sure you fit it in on your next date and watch how the energy between the two of you crackles.

Meditate on blue tiger eye to improve matters dealing with your thyroid and voice/larynx, to gain a sense of peace or calm, and to acknowledge and release emotions.

 Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) ~ Selenite

Sagittarius, it’s time to up your game, as selenite has come to your aid. It amplifies the good that’s naturally occurring around you, and can serve as protection if placed in a room or carried on your person.

You are ready for a spiritual shift! Some Sagittarians will be beginning or continuing on their ascension process this month and will feel the upcoming energy shifts. It’s time to reach out to those things that you thought of as familiar but dismissed. Who or what is the “Pluto” of your spiritual life? We all knew Pluto was there, and had recently downgraded it to the “dwarf planet.” Now, however, we see that it’s got glaciers, amazing formations, and well-developed moons. There’s a whole lot we didn’t know, because we were not looking in the right way. It’s time to shift your perspective. And, call on the Angels, or your favorite pantheon of god/desses—they are waiting.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) ~ Howlite

White howlite is an ancient stone. It shows that even as we try to bring ourselves and keep ourselves staying positive, that we need to continue to acknowledge the darkness that made that possible. This planet is full of balancing energy. To come to the light, we have had to journey through darkness, as in the 23rd Psalm; “Lo, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.”

Know that you are never alone. Know that you are bringing the Light to others in acts of daily kindness—even those ones that are so normal to you that they come to you like breathing. You’re being given an opportunity this month to remove another bit of darkness and offer it up to the Light. What burden would you like to be consumed by the Light, so you don’t have to carry it any more? What emotional pain or old bad memory or regret? Now’s the time to offer it up and to wipe the slate clean, permanently. If cleared by a doctor, consider EMDR therapy if you’re dealing with PTSD.

Meditate or carry howlite and use it to help with Akashic Records, to contact Mary and the Saints, and to protect you from emotional vampires. Remember to set the intention as you use the stone so it knows what to do for you.

Aquarius: Yellow Jasper  ~ Pisces: Amazonite ~ Aries:  Snowflake Obsidian

Aquarius: Yellow Jasper ~ Pisces: Amazonite ~ Aries: Snowflake Obsidian

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) ~ Yellow Jasper

Yellow jasper is your stone this August, Aquarius. It’s time to step away form your burdens, dear water-bearer, and look at the situations around you in a different way. It’s time to come to a new level of trusting your guy, your decisions; your second mind located in your stomach/solar plexus.

There’s a riddle in the middle of the month that needs to be unknotted. You’ll have to follow some twists and turns and rely on your gut instincts to have the best result in this situation.

Carry or meditate with yellow jasper this month. It will help you gain new friends or alliances. These folks are waiting to provide you with some information that may at first seem baffling, but that will be ultimately helpful. And be kind to yourself. If you haven’t read Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness, it will help you turn everything on its head and take back your true vision of yourself and who you want to be. Ask yourself, “Am I living the childhood version of my dream for my life—and if so, does it still apply? Does it still make me happy?”

Pisces (February 20 – March 20) ~ Amazonite

Amazonite. Imagine the great female warriors of old adorning themselves with this beautiful stone, enjoying a day in the sand and sun, with the salt of the sea dried on their bronzed skin. You need a little beach vacation, Pisces, or just a rest day with an element of water in it. Maybe go and sit in a hot tub, or if you’re in Austin, head to Barton Springs or one of our many wonderful public spring-fed pools.

While you’re getting some sun and water, be sure to bring your amazonite with you. Meditate or carry it close. Allow it to show you the new world that’s waiting for you, in the depths. If you so choose, it is time to go through a time of rebirth in August AND into September. Take action to feel purified and relaxed. This may take some work, but it will have a good pay off. Now is a good time to clean out your home—the result will bring delight to everyone who comes in. If you’re single, this action will help bring you closer to successfully jumping back into the dating pool.

Dive in!

 Aries (March 21 – April 20) ~ Snowflake Obsidian

Aries, your impulsive nature is wonderfully represented in snowflake obsidian. Here, we have a peaceful battle between light and dark; the white snowflakes against a beautiful starry night. This month, take an evening walk and make an effort to go somewhere where you can see Jupiter and Venus hovering on the horizon.

Who can you ask for help with your current situation? Don’t feel like you need to resolve everything on your own. Even when we’re in a great place, we can benefit from the perspectives of others to bring us through. If things have been rough and you just want a listening ear—TELL your friend, your lover, your coworker that that’s what you need. It’s time to be more vocal about your needs and wants, Aries. No one can help make your dreams come true if they don’t know what those dreams are.

Carry or meditate with snowflake obsidian this month—or even watch a YouTube video of a quiet hike in the snow. Let the stone bring you into the harmony of everything around you.

Taurus: Aqua Aura ~ Gemini: Green Calcite  ~ Cancer: Red Jasper

Taurus: Aqua Aura ~ Gemini: Green Calcite ~ Cancer: Red Jasper

Taurus (April 21 – May 20) ~ Aqua Aura Quartz

Taurus, it’s time for you to take action and decide how to make life better for those around you. You have the alchemic powers of aqua aura quartz, which has been improved upon by man. You have the talent of bringing people together, whether it is through speech or finding the perfect breakfast taco, or making a signature dessert. It’s time to take on the mantle of matriarch/patriarch in your family, family of choice, or work group.

The great part is that if you haven’t done this before, you’ll start to enjoy it. If this is old hat—you may feel the need to retreat a little, to protect your own energy and interests. Remember to continue to take good care of yourself. Just because you’re great with people does not mean that they should be allowed to suck your energy or walk all over you. So, this is also a time to set up some good boundaries—it will make everyone happier—honest!

Carry and listen to your aqua aura. Ask it to put a bubble of energy around you (remember to have it go under your feet!) so that you can do the things that need to be done this month. You’re going to look back and be amazed at everything that will have passed in August, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) ~ Green Calcite

Gemini, it’s back to school time. It’s time to do all those things that got put off during the summer. Get your house in order, but more importantly, make and keep whatever medical appointments you have put off. And head out to a farmer’s market and buy some fresh corn, peaches, or whatever else is in season and looks great—and have a barbecue to enjoy those you love.

Finally, this is a great time to start to establish a new habit. How would you like to change? Do you want to get up early and walk the dog in the cool of the morning? Or vow to go on at least 3 dates that are set-ups by friends or family members? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to belly dance. Well, now is the time to start building those good habits that will take you into the Fall and beyond. Have a little conference with your green calcite. See what you and it think will make you feel healthy and abundant.

Cancer (June 21 – July 21) ~ Red Jasper

Cancers make the best friends. Some Cancerians are quiet, while others are the life of the party, but you always know just what your buddies need. There’s so much red jasper can bring to you this month, Cancer. You spend your time taking care of everyone else, and now it’s time for that great energy you put out to come back around to YOU!

Turn the tables. Share your passions with your friends. Make sure you go out and explore at least twice this month, and do something that brings you joy. In fact, it’d be even better if these were what Julia Cameron calls “artist dates.” Go by yourself. Choose an activity that inspires you. Is it exploring art galleries in the hip part of town? Or finally hiking on the “skyline to the sea” trail. Or maybe you’re the brave soul who goes out to dinner alone, choosing the trendiest restaurant on Eater so that you can savor the food without conversation.   Don’t wait until you’re old, or finally widowed to take that trip to Paris, or even sit out by the lake and people watch. Start collecting those joys now, like pearls on a string.

Use your red jasper to help you ground, center, and focus. You can carry it with you, meditate, or even ask it what’s up!


The stones of summer!   Crystals delight the eye and the soul.

The stones of summer! Crystals delight the eye and the soul.

Have a wonderful blackberry-filled August! ~Christine



Blue Moon Life Plan Horoscope – July 2015

Blue Moon Tarot Horoscope – July 1st-August 6, 2015

July 1-August 6 Blue Moon Horoscope.  The top row of card represents each week/phase of the Moon and the bottom row provides additional information on each week.  Enjoy!

July 1-August 6 Blue Moon Horoscope. The top row of card represents each week/phase of the Moon and the bottom row provides additional information on each week. Enjoy!

We’re all coming into a wave of change that will take us through the next two and a half years.  It’s a Blue Moon – or two Full Moons in one month.  July’s first Full Moon on the 1st of the month (9:22pm CDT), is usually called the Antler Moon or the Thunder Moon. This fits with the never ending stream rain we’ve been having in Central Texas recently!  July’s second Full Moon on the 31st (5:45am CDT) is the Blue Moon.  

Spirit has asked me to share a Blue Moon Horoscope Reading with you so that we can all take July 2015 to prepare for the new 2 1/2 year cycle beginning with the Blue Moon on the 31st.  This Blue Moon cycle will end in January 2018.  Where do you want to be in your life by then?  Let the Blue Moon, Spirit, and the Universe provide their support and love.

Next month we’ll get back to the regular sun sign horoscopes, but for now — the Blue Moon!

In this reading, there are 10 cards.  The first 5 cards (top row) are the general energy of each week. The second five cards (bottom row) provide guidance on that energy.  The shifts in the energy for each week have to do with either letting go (waning energy) or building up (waxing energy).

Full Moon #1 – July 1-7

IV The Emperor & 5 of Pentacles

IV The Emperor & 5 of Pentacles

IV The Emperor & 5 of Pentacles

In this First Full Moon, it’s time to take a moment to appreciate where you are.  Know that you no longer need the old supports. You no longer need the old patterns, the old energy, the old mentors, the old way of doing things.  You have come to an end of a cycle.  Mastery earned by you in developing your sense of ethics, what’s right in your world, and your relationships with others in your home and/or work spheres, is the basis for the next Blue Moon cycle.

Thank and release your mentor. This mentor could have been an older individual in your life, but mentorship can also occur through relationships with peers, Loved Ones on the Other Side, or even learning through watching your peers bumbling along and making mistakes, thus teaching you what NOT to do!  If you try to hold on to your mentor (either literally or figuratively), you may struggle because you’ll be stuck doing things the old way.  The person can still be in your life, but it is time to take ownership for your accomplishments and path forward.  In making this shift, you will be able to begin a new period of creative and financial growth.

3rd Quarter – Waning Moon – July 8-14

5 of Cups & King of Wands

5 of Cups & King of Wands

5 of Cups & King of Wands

The waning moon tells us what we need to let go of in order to grow. As you’ve come into your own power through the Emperor in the First Full Moon, it is time to reassess your relationships with those around you. Bring people who share your passions and dreams even closer.  Start seeing less of those people who interfere with your best interests.  Even if these negative folks are not malicious, you will be held back if you keep trying to change them.  Bless them, mourn them if you wish, and let them go.  Remember that you are at the brink of becoming positively powerful in so many parts of your life!  It is time for spiritual and emotional ascension.

This is also a time to start thinking creatively. It is time to kindle new passions and dreams.  Do you want a better job?  A new love interest?  To find your soul mate? To burn away a health issue or let go of excess weight? Or to feel surrounded by those who love you in a comfortable home?  Now’s the time to put the picture together of what you want.  Start thinking big, trying on the “movies” of where your life could go in the next 2 1/2 years.

New Moon – Dark of the Moon – July 15-22

Page of Cups & XII The Hanged Man

Page of Cups & XII The Hanged Man

Page of Cups & XII The Hanged Man

The New Moon is the birth of potential.  Last week you remained in thought to dream up your future lover, smoking hot body, successful career, and/or joyful family reunion.  Now is the time for action.  Now is the time to start building new relationships and strengthening old ones.  Now is the time to up the romance with your partner if you’re coupled.  If you are single and want a partner, now is the time to tell everyone you know that you are finally ready to be set up on that blind date.  Positive messages will appear from unexpected places, so it’s time to reach out NOW.

The same applies if you’re looking for anything that’s close to your heart—starting a business, getting medical advice for a loved one, etc.  NOW is the time to reach out to who ever you can think of to get new information.  If you don’t do so now, it could take much more time to accomplish the same ends.  If you don’t go out on that blind date when it comes—you’ll be stuck in the same place you’re currently at, just like the hanged man.  He’s content, but he’s not going anywhere.  So, it’s up to you to decide.

1st Quarter – Waxing Moon – July 23-30

2 of Pentacles & 5 of Swords

2 of Pentacles & 5 of Swords

2 of Pentacles & 5 of Swords

The 1st quarter is a waxing moon, a time of growth.  Make sure that as you forge ahead, you take good care of yourself.  Have due diligence if you’re trying to make any changes related to spending money or changing jobs.  But, don’t overdo it. Don’t over think it. You will be provided with the information you need if you ask for it. Remember that if you can keep your spiritual, financial, and emotional life in balance, that the Universe will provide for you.  Start with small beginnings—there’s great potential to get what you want if you keep faith.

Know that your dream isn’t always the same one that your friends or family have.  We all have our own dreams.  But, if you sharing your dream for the next 2 1/2 years and someone pooh-poohs it, stop telling them about it! Keep your energy up by sharing your dreams with like-minded people.

Blue Moon – Full Moon #2 – July 31-August 6

Queen of Swords & 4 of Pentacles

Queen of Swords & 4 of Pentacles

Queen of Swords & 4 of Pentacles

The Blue Moon card is – The Queen of Swords!  By now, your dreams and goals for the next 2 1/2 years should be well in hand.  You’ll have a sense of “done”-ness to your dreams.  They will start to feel possible at this point if they did not before.  The Queen combines the best of our feminine selves—emotion and relationships, with our masculine selves as expressed through the swords—reason, justice, and intelligence.  We cannot move forward unless our heads and hearts are brought together.  The 4 of pentacles is here to let us know that we’ll be building on a successful, stable foundation as we move forward.  This is a longer cycle, so the 4 gives us financial and creative support for the long haul.  Remember to share your upcoming successes with others as this will expand your joy, love, wealth, and passions exponentially.

Two Moons - one of Clear Quartz, the other of Calcite.

Two Moons – one of Clear Quartz, the other of Calcite.

Happy Blue Moon!

Violet Crown Spring Festival – May 2nd!

Join me at Violet Crown Community Works’ – Violet Crown Festival in Austin.  This is a great festival to people watch, bring the kids and play games or do art projects, listen to eclectic music, and get a tarot reading by Christine!

Booths will be set up in the parking lot of Brentwood Elementary.  Good routes in are Arroyo Seco from 2222 or Justin Lane (from Burnet or Lamar). See the Violet Crown web site for the food and music lineup!

Special Prices for Violet Crown Attendees Only! – May 2nd, 2015:

  • 1 Card Reading – Tarot, Angel, or Animal Totem – $5
  • 3 Card Reading – Tarot, Angel, or Le Normand – $10
  • Tarot, Psychic, Medium, Past Life/Akashic Record Readings – $35 for a 15-minute appointment
  • Cash or Square (debit/credit cards) Accepted


Tarot Tips and Tricks – Weds Night Class – March 11th or 25th

Drop by my table for a reading at the Wholistic Festival in San Antonio!

Reading the Tarot in my backyard in Central Austin!

Tips and Tricks of the Tarot

You deserve to have fun and feel confident when you read the tarot for yourself, your family, and your friends.  Tips and Tricks of the Tarot will inspire you to brush off your cards and come to a new level of enjoyment and confidence when you read.

Once you learn a few key ideas, you can stop worrying about “the rules” and connect to your intuition for more information during your readings.   This fun evening of learning, discussion, and hands-on practice will provide you with simple tools to keep building your skills, every day!

We will discover if “superstitions” about tarot decks are worth following, how to use storytelling as a memory aid, tapping into numbers to help you quickly find meaning in a spread, and more.

Bring your favorite Tarot deck, paper, a pen, and a smile!

Cost: $11.00 at the door – to be paid to WYZDOM of the Ages Meetup.

If you don’t have a meetup account, it’s free!  You can also email me at so I can email you the address and directions.  We’re going to have a great night!

The event will be listed on the WYZDOM of the Ages – Austin Area & Beyond – so head on over to join the group!  There will be lots of talks in central Texas on Wednesday nights!

Tarot Tips and Tricks – Class on March 4 ~ 7-9pm ~ William Cannon, Austin – Postponed

Drop by my table for a reading at the Wholistic Festival in San Antonio!

Reading the Tarot in my backyard in Central Austin!

3pm, March 4th:  Class is canceled for tonight and will be rescheduled due to incoming ICY WEATHER in the Austin area.  Plans are to teach “Tarot Tips and Tricks” for Wyzdom Wednesdays on March 11th at NW 183 area (near iFLY) and March 25th in Manor.

Want a tarot lesson 1 on 1 or with a small group of friends?  Contact me and let me know where you’re at: beginner/intermediate/advanced, the area you live in, and any special questions you have.  We can have fun with Tarot, together!  

Love and Light, Christine

Tips and Tricks of the Tarot

You deserve to have fun and feel confident when you read the tarot for yourself, your family, and your friends.  Tips and Tricks of the Tarot will inspire you to brush off your cards and come to a new level of enjoyment and confidence when you read.

Once you learn a few key ideas, you can stop worrying about “the rules” and connect to your intuition for more information during your readings.   This fun evening of learning, discussion, and hands-on practice will provide you with simple tools to keep building your skills, every day!

We will discover if “superstitions” about tarot decks are worth following, how to use storytelling as a memory aid, tapping into numbers to help you quickly find meaning in a spread, and more.

Bring your favorite Tarot deck, paper, a pen, and a smile!

Cost: $11.00 at the door – to be paid to WYZDOM of the Ages Meetup.

Please RSVP at the WYZDOM of the Ages – Austin Area and Beyond Meetup page for this event!

If you don’t have a meetup account, it’s free!  You can also email me at so I can email you the address and directions.  We’re going to have a great night!

The event will be listed on the WYZDOM of the Ages – Austin Area & Beyond – so head on over to join the group!  There will be lots of talks in central Texas on Wednesday nights!