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Healing Crystals Horoscope – August 2015

August's Message: Moonstone

August’s Message: Moonstone

Healing Crystals Cards  Horoscopes – August 2015

Can you believe the Summer has hit its peak? Early August is the season of Lughnasadh. It’s the first of the harvest festivals, when the blackberries are ripe. As a teenager, my friends and I would go down to the creek and pick wild blackberries from the bushes that grew there. If they lasted long enough, I’d make blackberry pies to share. I hope your August is filled with yumminess!

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Love and Light, Christine

August 2015 Horoscopes

Your August 2015 Healing Crystals Horoscope

Your August 2015 Healing Crystals Horoscope

This month’s horoscopes were channeled using the Healing Crystals Deck. This deck has a picture of each stone along with 3 keywords. The margins show the stone’s family, hardness, applicable chakras. On the back is an affirmation for each stone as well.

Each Sun Sign has its own stone and channeled message this month. To get more oomph out of your message, meditate with the stone or even just carry it around with you in a pocket or purse. Or just set it on your desk as you work. If you don’t have the time to go shopping—no worries! You can also use a photograph of the stone in the same way. Crystal Skull pictures of stones work even better. So enjoy your messages and carry them with you this month to gain courage, faith, and hope in your daily dealings.

Note that I’ve added a link to each stone here in case you want to learn more about it or have a photo for meditation.  The links are not an endorsement for purchasing stones or following information from the associated sites. Please make sure you follow your own heart, or contact the appropriate professional before making medical or financial decisions.

Enjoy! ~ Christine


August Message: Moonstone

August's Message: Moonstone

August’s Message: Moonstone

Moonstone looks like a simple, innocuous stone, but it’s not innocent. It knows the rhythms of life and the stories of old, for every generation. Use the wisdom of the moonstone this month to help ferret out patterns to help you: patterns in your relationships; patterns in the mundane; even patterns in the food you eat while dining on a hot august night. Meditate with moonstone to open up your psychic field and to clean and purify your chakras. This will open you to the true intentions of those around you.

August Sun Signs

Leo: Unakite (Jasper) ~ Virgo: Apache Tears ~ Libra: Clear Quartz

Leo: Unakite (Jasper) ~ Virgo: Apache Tears ~ Libra: Clear Quartz

Leo (July 22 – August 21) ~ Unakite (jasper)

Your stone, Leo, is Unakite. Like traditional jasper, unakite combines disparate elements into a glorious whole. This month, it’s time to get your life back in balance. While you’re doing fine, by making more thoughtful choices and pursuing things you’ve been putting off that need to be done. You’re also allowed to dump those goals or possessions or people that are merely unnecessary or even detrimental. Once your assessment is complete, it will be possible to bring improvement to your love life, creative fire and passion, and/or your health.

Carry or meditate on unakite to bring balance, grounding, health, and friendship (pink and green) or love/passion (red/green) into your life.

Virgo (August 22 – September 21)  ~ Apache Tears

Did you see that short cartoon called Lava which was the preview to the recent Pixar movie Inside Out? In Lava, the male volcano was ready to take on the task of patience, hope, and love to gain the companionship he wanted. The apache tears are the obsidian that he wept while thinking about and waiting for his sweetheart.

What are you obsessed about to the point of tears? Is it time to acknowledge to Spirit or your Loved Ones that you get it—that it’s time to let go? Once we hand hope over to Spirit and clear our hearts, we raise our vibration, thus making all things—even a new volcano companion—possible.

Know that you are being protected at this time. Carry or meditate on apache tears to protect, ground, and raise your vibration.

Scorpio: Blue Tiger Eye ~ Sagittarius: Selenite ~ Capricorn: Howlite

Scorpio: Blue Tiger Eye ~ Sagittarius: Selenite ~ Capricorn: Howlite

Libra (September 22 – October 21) ~ Clear Quartz

Libra, you have the master healer, the master builder—clear quartz. It’s an all-purpose stone, which makes anything possible this month. If you work with quartz without setting your intention, it’s a good stone to clean and purify you, kind of like the filter in an air cleaner or a goldfish bowl. But you, and quartz, are capable of your biggest desires.

By letting the quartz know what you want it to do, it can help in myriad ways. This month, take some time to gain clarity and ask the stone to help you do that. Once your intention is set, quartz can help you change a droplet of water into a raging river, or an ocean. It’s okay to start form humble beginnings, but it’s time to gain a direction. And if you don’t, you’ll be swept back and forth like the tide—you’ll think life is getting better, but you’ll look back a year later and find yourself swept back to the same place; the same patterns. You’ll have the ride of your life on a rapids-filled river, but end up ankle-deep in sand if you stay where you are. It’s time to get moving!

Also remember that quartz is in our computers, our electronics, and our phones—does your talents lay in it?

Scorpio (October 22 – November 22) ~ Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk’s Eye)

Tiger Eye is known for making you brave, Scorpio. However, blue tiger eye is a bit more elusive. The bravery here is about finding your own voice. It’s about finding your own path and being true to yourself.

How do you communicate with the world? It’s time to update your image, whether that is how you speak and relate with others in person, taking up singing or a musical instrument, or some other sort of artistry. There’s also art in nature, in taking a hike in the woods and feeling the still, small voice that comes forward when you make space for it.

If you feel yourself getting frustrated or stuck, this sounds really silly, but use the phrase often uttered by Frank Underwood on House of Cards: “How do you mean?” Ask yourself. Ask your neighbors, friends, kids, and coworkers. Instead of standing upon the façade of what’s spoken, explore what’s really below the surface. When you ask someone, “How do you mean?” you pave the way for communication—and delight. Make sure you fit it in on your next date and watch how the energy between the two of you crackles.

Meditate on blue tiger eye to improve matters dealing with your thyroid and voice/larynx, to gain a sense of peace or calm, and to acknowledge and release emotions.

 Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) ~ Selenite

Sagittarius, it’s time to up your game, as selenite has come to your aid. It amplifies the good that’s naturally occurring around you, and can serve as protection if placed in a room or carried on your person.

You are ready for a spiritual shift! Some Sagittarians will be beginning or continuing on their ascension process this month and will feel the upcoming energy shifts. It’s time to reach out to those things that you thought of as familiar but dismissed. Who or what is the “Pluto” of your spiritual life? We all knew Pluto was there, and had recently downgraded it to the “dwarf planet.” Now, however, we see that it’s got glaciers, amazing formations, and well-developed moons. There’s a whole lot we didn’t know, because we were not looking in the right way. It’s time to shift your perspective. And, call on the Angels, or your favorite pantheon of god/desses—they are waiting.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) ~ Howlite

White howlite is an ancient stone. It shows that even as we try to bring ourselves and keep ourselves staying positive, that we need to continue to acknowledge the darkness that made that possible. This planet is full of balancing energy. To come to the light, we have had to journey through darkness, as in the 23rd Psalm; “Lo, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.”

Know that you are never alone. Know that you are bringing the Light to others in acts of daily kindness—even those ones that are so normal to you that they come to you like breathing. You’re being given an opportunity this month to remove another bit of darkness and offer it up to the Light. What burden would you like to be consumed by the Light, so you don’t have to carry it any more? What emotional pain or old bad memory or regret? Now’s the time to offer it up and to wipe the slate clean, permanently. If cleared by a doctor, consider EMDR therapy if you’re dealing with PTSD.

Meditate or carry howlite and use it to help with Akashic Records, to contact Mary and the Saints, and to protect you from emotional vampires. Remember to set the intention as you use the stone so it knows what to do for you.

Aquarius: Yellow Jasper  ~ Pisces: Amazonite ~ Aries:  Snowflake Obsidian

Aquarius: Yellow Jasper ~ Pisces: Amazonite ~ Aries: Snowflake Obsidian

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) ~ Yellow Jasper

Yellow jasper is your stone this August, Aquarius. It’s time to step away form your burdens, dear water-bearer, and look at the situations around you in a different way. It’s time to come to a new level of trusting your guy, your decisions; your second mind located in your stomach/solar plexus.

There’s a riddle in the middle of the month that needs to be unknotted. You’ll have to follow some twists and turns and rely on your gut instincts to have the best result in this situation.

Carry or meditate with yellow jasper this month. It will help you gain new friends or alliances. These folks are waiting to provide you with some information that may at first seem baffling, but that will be ultimately helpful. And be kind to yourself. If you haven’t read Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness, it will help you turn everything on its head and take back your true vision of yourself and who you want to be. Ask yourself, “Am I living the childhood version of my dream for my life—and if so, does it still apply? Does it still make me happy?”

Pisces (February 20 – March 20) ~ Amazonite

Amazonite. Imagine the great female warriors of old adorning themselves with this beautiful stone, enjoying a day in the sand and sun, with the salt of the sea dried on their bronzed skin. You need a little beach vacation, Pisces, or just a rest day with an element of water in it. Maybe go and sit in a hot tub, or if you’re in Austin, head to Barton Springs or one of our many wonderful public spring-fed pools.

While you’re getting some sun and water, be sure to bring your amazonite with you. Meditate or carry it close. Allow it to show you the new world that’s waiting for you, in the depths. If you so choose, it is time to go through a time of rebirth in August AND into September. Take action to feel purified and relaxed. This may take some work, but it will have a good pay off. Now is a good time to clean out your home—the result will bring delight to everyone who comes in. If you’re single, this action will help bring you closer to successfully jumping back into the dating pool.

Dive in!

 Aries (March 21 – April 20) ~ Snowflake Obsidian

Aries, your impulsive nature is wonderfully represented in snowflake obsidian. Here, we have a peaceful battle between light and dark; the white snowflakes against a beautiful starry night. This month, take an evening walk and make an effort to go somewhere where you can see Jupiter and Venus hovering on the horizon.

Who can you ask for help with your current situation? Don’t feel like you need to resolve everything on your own. Even when we’re in a great place, we can benefit from the perspectives of others to bring us through. If things have been rough and you just want a listening ear—TELL your friend, your lover, your coworker that that’s what you need. It’s time to be more vocal about your needs and wants, Aries. No one can help make your dreams come true if they don’t know what those dreams are.

Carry or meditate with snowflake obsidian this month—or even watch a YouTube video of a quiet hike in the snow. Let the stone bring you into the harmony of everything around you.

Taurus: Aqua Aura ~ Gemini: Green Calcite  ~ Cancer: Red Jasper

Taurus: Aqua Aura ~ Gemini: Green Calcite ~ Cancer: Red Jasper

Taurus (April 21 – May 20) ~ Aqua Aura Quartz

Taurus, it’s time for you to take action and decide how to make life better for those around you. You have the alchemic powers of aqua aura quartz, which has been improved upon by man. You have the talent of bringing people together, whether it is through speech or finding the perfect breakfast taco, or making a signature dessert. It’s time to take on the mantle of matriarch/patriarch in your family, family of choice, or work group.

The great part is that if you haven’t done this before, you’ll start to enjoy it. If this is old hat—you may feel the need to retreat a little, to protect your own energy and interests. Remember to continue to take good care of yourself. Just because you’re great with people does not mean that they should be allowed to suck your energy or walk all over you. So, this is also a time to set up some good boundaries—it will make everyone happier—honest!

Carry and listen to your aqua aura. Ask it to put a bubble of energy around you (remember to have it go under your feet!) so that you can do the things that need to be done this month. You’re going to look back and be amazed at everything that will have passed in August, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) ~ Green Calcite

Gemini, it’s back to school time. It’s time to do all those things that got put off during the summer. Get your house in order, but more importantly, make and keep whatever medical appointments you have put off. And head out to a farmer’s market and buy some fresh corn, peaches, or whatever else is in season and looks great—and have a barbecue to enjoy those you love.

Finally, this is a great time to start to establish a new habit. How would you like to change? Do you want to get up early and walk the dog in the cool of the morning? Or vow to go on at least 3 dates that are set-ups by friends or family members? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to belly dance. Well, now is the time to start building those good habits that will take you into the Fall and beyond. Have a little conference with your green calcite. See what you and it think will make you feel healthy and abundant.

Cancer (June 21 – July 21) ~ Red Jasper

Cancers make the best friends. Some Cancerians are quiet, while others are the life of the party, but you always know just what your buddies need. There’s so much red jasper can bring to you this month, Cancer. You spend your time taking care of everyone else, and now it’s time for that great energy you put out to come back around to YOU!

Turn the tables. Share your passions with your friends. Make sure you go out and explore at least twice this month, and do something that brings you joy. In fact, it’d be even better if these were what Julia Cameron calls “artist dates.” Go by yourself. Choose an activity that inspires you. Is it exploring art galleries in the hip part of town? Or finally hiking on the “skyline to the sea” trail. Or maybe you’re the brave soul who goes out to dinner alone, choosing the trendiest restaurant on Eater so that you can savor the food without conversation.   Don’t wait until you’re old, or finally widowed to take that trip to Paris, or even sit out by the lake and people watch. Start collecting those joys now, like pearls on a string.

Use your red jasper to help you ground, center, and focus. You can carry it with you, meditate, or even ask it what’s up!


The stones of summer!   Crystals delight the eye and the soul.

The stones of summer! Crystals delight the eye and the soul.

Have a wonderful blackberry-filled August! ~Christine



Introduction to the Akashic Records – Hutto, May 27th

Surya Teja, cc license

Surya Teja, cc license

Are you wanting spiritual guidance and information about your life, but aren’t sure where to go?  Have you heard of the Akashic Records, but thought you needed someone else to get in?  Are you ready to do some emotional healing?   Are you interested in your past lives?  If so, Introduction to the Akashic Records is for you!  The Akashic Records contain all the energy of our world, so you can access world knowledge and important information about your past lives by using this powerful tool.  The Lords of the Records want to help you learn and grow in this life.

In Introduction to the Akashic Records you’ll learn about what information is contained in the records and what is not, safe methods to access the records on your own, and the difference between the records versus past life regression.  We’ll also make a road map so that you’ll be ready to access your records when you leave class and/or take what you’ve learned to get the most out of having your Akashic Records Reader go into your records.

Event Details:

May 27th, 7-9 pm – WYZDOM Weds – Introduction to the Akashic Records

  • (4-30-15) LINK is to main WYZDOM page as the Akashic Records page is not up yet.  Please contact me directly with questions or for address/directions. 
  • Location: Maria Prinz’ Home in Hutto, TX
  • 2 hour class is $11, paid to Wyzdom Wednesday Meetup online or at the site.

Contact me at ChristinethePsychic@gmail.com and I can access your Akashic Records for you.  I offer psychic, tarot, & medium readings, metaphysical lessons, mentoring, and more!

Violet Crown Spring Festival – May 2nd!

Join me at Violet Crown Community Works’ – Violet Crown Festival in Austin.  This is a great festival to people watch, bring the kids and play games or do art projects, listen to eclectic music, and get a tarot reading by Christine!

Booths will be set up in the parking lot of Brentwood Elementary.  Good routes in are Arroyo Seco from 2222 or Justin Lane (from Burnet or Lamar). See the Violet Crown web site for the food and music lineup!

Special Prices for Violet Crown Attendees Only! – May 2nd, 2015:

  • 1 Card Reading – Tarot, Angel, or Animal Totem – $5
  • 3 Card Reading – Tarot, Angel, or Le Normand – $10
  • Tarot, Psychic, Medium, Past Life/Akashic Record Readings – $35 for a 15-minute appointment
  • Cash or Square (debit/credit cards) Accepted


Time for Your Empowerment Reading – AMC Metaphysical Fair – Wednesday, February 11th

Armored Angel by SilverLimit at Deviant Art

Armored Angel by SilverLimit at Deviant Art – CC License

Are you the Warrior or the Warrior Angel?  It’s time for some Empowerment and Inspiration from your own personal life coaches–Your Guides!  Come on by the AMC fair at Nature’s Treasures, and I’d be thrilled to read for you–and let you know what Your Guides have to say to help you build the life you want!

Tarot, Psychic/Medium, Oracle, Angels, Pet Psychic – Rev Dr Christine Linial


  • “Austin Metaphysical Center — Metaphysical Fair! Wednesday Night!”
  • February 11, 2015 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Nature’s Treasures, 4103 N. IH-35, Austin, Texas 78722
  • www.amcfair.com
  • Austin Metaphysical Center & School

AMCS Graduates at the Metaphysical Fair will include the following modalities:  Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card Readers, Reiki, Santos, Ghost Hunter, Angel Card Readers, Hypnotist, Raindrop Therapist, Life Coach, Oracle Card Readers.